Important Announcement

It is essential to read the safety manual and follow the instructions before operating the machinery.

Electric panels

In no case can electrical panels be opened or manipulate components of the machine.

Inappropriate use or manipulation

In the event of improper use or tampering, the warranty of the machine is canceled.

Internal computer

The CNC is equipped with an internal computer that records all network overloads, in addition to recording if the electronic boxes are handled

Detects problem

It must be reported immediately if a problem is detected. To do this, you must call our Hotline line indicated in the section: contact.

Proper oil

It is necessary to use the indicated special oil, otherwise there is a risk of breakage in the drains of the X / Z axes.

Tire profiling

The CNC RIDI13 Blackedition is developed exclusively for the profile of tires

Before using the CNC

In no case is it for turning welds, extreme bordillazos or pieces of any kind. These must be repaired before using the CNC.

Inappropriate use

It is a very precise and high technology machine. Inappropriate use leads to the loss of the warranty.

In case of damage

In case of damage caused call technical support.
Monday – Friday from 09: 00h – 18: 00h
Tel. +34/619283401 / +34/871575513